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Want to create this beautiful dessert?


Passion Fruit Mousse Cone


Tuile mix

120g soft unsalted butter

200g icing sugar

150g egg whites

200g plain flour


Cream sugar and butter and add a small amount of the flour. Slowly add egg whites and the rest of the flour and mix until smooth. Refrigerate until the paste is set. Create a round stencil around 15 cm in diameter. If you don’t have a ready stencil, you can cut out the circle from a plastic lid or an ice cream container. Thinly spread the mix over the stencil on a silicone mat or a piece of baking paper. Bake for a few minutes until the edges turn slightly brown. Take out of the oven and shape into a cone while the disc is still hot.


Brandy Snap Tubes

                50g unsalted butter

                50g sugar

                50g glucose syrup

                50g plain flour


Combine butter, glucose and sugar and bring to a boil. Add flour and cook for 2-3 minutes. Put the mixture in a small container and chill until solid. Form small balls and press lightly on to the silicone mat or a piece of baking paper. Bake until golden brown. Shape into tubes using a wooden spoon handle or a similar item.


Passion Fruit Mousse

                200ml fresh cream

                30g sugar

                100g  Vanilla Bean Patisserie “Premium Passion Fruit Curd 290g


Whip the cream with sugar until soft peaks, add the curd and whip until the mix is firm.


Freeze dried passion fruit flakes

Freeze dried raspberries

Vanilla Bean Patisserie “Premium Passion Fruit Curd 290g

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