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Our Easter shop is  now OPEN!


Delivery dates:
28.03.2024 - Co. Longford, Co. Westmeath

29.03.2024 - Co. Dublin, Co. Meath, Co. Louth
30.03.2024 - Co. Cavan, Co. Monaghan

Collection date:

30.03.2024 - 7.00h-13.00h
FREE delivery on all orders over 50€!

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About Us

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Who We Are and What We Do

Vanilla Bean Patisserie is a newly established business, but our chefs have great experience working in the hospitality industry. We fully understand the problems facing the industry and are here to provide exceptional service,  desserts and other pastry related products to your business.
We are committed to supply the industry with only the best products, all made with locally sourced ingredients and to the highest standard. 
If you are a chef, caterer or a restaurateur struggling with the pastry department, why not out-source some delicious desserts and let us relieve some of the pressure you are facing in your busy kitchen?


Vanilla Bean Patisserie

As a leading patisserie in the Ballinagh area, Vanilla Bean Patisserie is proud to make mouth-watering treats for your hospitality business as well as for the public. We supply a number of hotels, restaurants, and pubs in Ireland with desserts and pastry-related products like our selection of curds or ready-to-go crumble toppings.

Our freshly baked goods are made with the freshest local ingredients and served with love.


Contact us and arrange a meeting in our locally owned and operated showroom or arrange a tasting and a presentation in your kitchen today and treat your customers to the best-baked goods in town.

We know you’ll thank us later.

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